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A Little More About Devo
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How long have you been a clown.

I started clowning when my youngest son was born.
He is in college now....yep I am an experienced clown.

What do you look like without your clown makeup.

Something like this.

Question: When your are not clowning what do you do?
Answer: The other love in my life is my family.Jo Jo works for the Scottish Rite theater here in Austin. Kris is a freshman at St Edwards University. Kali Q is a drama queen (in a good way) at Del Valle High School, Devin has moved to the Big Easy to help with clean up and Sean is working in Houston enjoying his degree from Sam Houston State University. We are loving our lives. I also love my project work with Austin Public Library. Check out the work we do with kids in detention 2nd Chance Books. URL

This is me without my makeup at my library

I hope you can join me at storytime.
Check the library page to see where I will be.

Here you are being given something rarely seen in the world of clowns. Family and personal pictures of Devo the person.


This is a picture of Devo and her family at their yearly vacation at Garner State park


Here is a picture of Devo, her Husband JoJo, Bluez and his wife Tracey and another close friend Ben at their yearly trip to the  Renaissance Festival.


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